Buying real estate can be fun, or frustrating, or strenuous, or stressful. We found when we were buying a home in Southern California, that Lori Koppel made the process the best it can be and she can tailor the experience to one’s exact needs and desires. She was very thorough in researching homes in our price range, the size we wanted, the location, the nearby amenities, the style of home, etc.  Then she narrowed down the volume so we can look on-line to get excited about some and  eliminate others. Then she picked us up and took us to the chosen properties, making sure the home was ready to be shown.  She made lots of great suggestions, and had appropriate questions for the selling agents helping us in areas we had no ideas.  She helped us making the offers, guided wording and let us know reactions from the sellers. Even after the sale she kept in touch and helped us with setting up the house, buying furniture, shopping in the area, and anything a good friendly neighbor would do.
I can highly recommend Lori Koppel for your real estate needs.
Dr. Steven and Dr. Sandy Horowitz

購買房地產可以是一件很有趣,或劇烈,或是具有壓力的一件事情。當我們在南加州買房子的時候,我們發現洛瑞科佩爾(Lori Koppel)很專業的以我們個人的需求而提共最佳的買賣房屋經驗。她為我們做了很完整的房屋查詢,為我們考量到我們理想的價格範圍,大小,位置,附近的設施,居家的風格,等等。然後她為我們先審慎篩選縮小了範圍,所以我們可以很快速的在網上挑選到我們喜歡的房子。事前她就先為我們確保我們有興趣的房子是有開放展示的,然後她接我們,帶我們參觀我們所選的房子。她提共很多很好的建議,並向銷售代理提出適當的問題。她幫我們買家出價,用最合理的價錢買到最好的房子,並讓我們知道賣方的要求。即使銷售完,她還保持著聯繫,為我們提共完善的售後服務,例如帶我們去逛附近的商場,和買家具。
我強烈推薦洛瑞科佩爾(Lori Koppel)來為您服務任何有關房地產的問題。
史蒂芬霍洛維茨博士和桑迪霍洛維茨博士(Dr. Steven Horowitz and Dr. Sandy Horowitz) 敬上

Our experience with Lori Koppel at the open house in Laguna Niguel was pleasing as her team took the time to give us a tour. They also did not bombard us with questions. She immediately established credibility with us, and we know this because we are business owners. We will gladly allow Lori to represent us in the purchase of the house.

Robert and Lori (Business Owners)

我們和 Lori 在尼格尓湖(Laguna Niguel)有一個很愉快的看房經歷。 Lori 和她的團隊很願意花時間帶我們參觀了房子,而且沒有一下子就問我們很多的問題。 她能很快地讓我們建立起對她的信任和信心。 我們了解建立信任的不容易因為我們有經營自己的企業。我們很高興遇見洛瑞科佩爾(Lori Koppel) 並且讓她作為我們買房的代理人。

羅伯特和洛瑞科佩爾 (企業主)(Robert and Lori, business owners) 敬上


Thank you so much for all of your help and expertise for buying my first condo. You are such a kind and generous woman and will never forget your outreached hand.

– Love, Suzanne Hendersen



Dear Lori – Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire!

Great experience working with you! I really appreciate all you did to make this purchase such a good experience.

The eggplant dish was over the top!

Again, Thank you!

– Tonya-






My husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Realtor Lori Koppel. Lori helped us to find the perfect house for us! We were impressed with her tenacity and knowledge of the real estate market. Lori is a true professional and was always available for our many questions or returned our calls promptly. She found us our dream home and even after our purchase she has continued to be an immense help to us!

Mr. and Mrs. Balzhiser

我愛人和我想要在這裏謝謝我們的代理人Lori Koppel. Lori Koppel 為我們找到了完美的房子!我們非常欣賞她對於房地產行業的了解和堅持。Lori非常的專業而且總是能夠及時解答我們的問題和給我們答覆。她幫我們找到了我們夢想的中的房子而且在購房結束後她也繼續為我們提供幫助。謝謝!